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Ongoing creative projects about Govan's hidden histories Celebrating Govan's heritage, women's roles in protest movements, and the life and work of Isabella Elder

Women’s Histories & Protests on the Clyde – ABOUT

A project which seeks to highlight the history of the important contributions made by women to Govan and Glasgow, focusing on strong women of Govan and protests past and present…

In partnership with The Riverside Museum, Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL), Glasgow Artists Studios (GAS), Plantation Productions, and in collaboration with community groups Bead & Blether and Wooly Wednesdays.

Key events, walks, and actions for this project occurred 15-24 Nov 2013 – for more info please see our Events page! [Note as of June 2015 – this team has re-formed and is working towards an event/walk on 15 August 2015! More on our upcoming event and our current work here – and we’ll update this page as soon as…]

This project is designed to research and highlight the importance of Women’s histories and protests on the Clyde, and the significant contributions women have made to Govan and Glasgow. It will look at the history of women in Govan, focusing on important historical figures such as Mary Barbour, Agnes McClean, and Isabella Elder. Focus will also be given to important protest movements, including the role of women in the 1971 Upper Clyde Shipbuilder’s Work-In and more recent protest movements and women activists in Govan (like the Kinning Park sit-in).

The project will encourage and enable concerned individuals, groups, organisations, and Glasgow Museum staff to work collaboratively to gather research and develop activities that highlight the role of Women’s contributions to Govan and Glasgow.

The core of this project is a ‘team’ of individuals* who will work collaboratively to research and create an alternative ‘heritage trail’ (for example – and audio tour, guided walk, or public event) which highlights important women past and present, and links this history with current displays in the Riverside Museum. The direction and focus of the project will be driven by team members – so the project description (within reason) should be seen by the team as a guideline and not a prescription.

Women’s histories and protests on the Clyde is devised by artist and researcher tara s. Beall as part of a practice-based Collaborative Doctoral Award with the University of Glasgow (Theatre Studies) and the Riverside Museum, which aims to develop new strategies for visitor engagement using creative events and activities. This project is part of tara’s research – which is studying how museums can work with communities as equal partners. Participation is by invitation.

– – – – – – – – –

*including staff from GWL, Glasgow Museums, artist/researcher tara s Beall, and artists from GAS

2 comments on “Women’s Histories & Protests on the Clyde – ABOUT

  1. Marie Cameron
    March 18, 2016

    Recently my mother- in- law Mary Cleary Cameron (nee Wilson) died.She lived in Govan up until she moved to England in 1964.
    We have a collection of personal letters she received during World War 2 and just after the war from her boyfriend who became her husband who was in the Merchant Navy.
    I am not sure if they may be a social and cultural reflection of a young woman during the war years?
    I understand you have been looking at Govan and Women. Would these be of any interest to you? I f not could you recommend any where that might be interested.
    Marie Cameron

    • govanriverside
      March 29, 2016

      Hi Marie, Thanks for your comment. We’re very intrigued and excited to learn more about these letters! We have a few potential ideas, and will get in touch via email to take this forward.

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