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Quest for the 13 Treasures of Govan & Glasgow

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The Quest for the 13 Treasures of Govan & Glasgow is an exciting new graphic novel exploring Govan & Partick’s  incredible medieval history.

Govan’s Hidden Histories is proud to present this book as a fun way for young people and those young at heart to learn about some of the area’s most fascinating ancient myths, legends, and lore.

Merlin and his canny sidekick Clyde are on a mission to find Glasgow’s ancient treasures, but where are they hiding? Enjoy a fun family day out and complete the quest by finding these ‘treasures’ in the Riverside Museum, in Govan Old Parish Church and around Govan.

So – how can you get your hands on a copy of the Quest? See below / scroll down…

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How to get your own copy of the Quest:

–> You can download the Quest here

–> You can view it online below, or direct via issuu here 

–> If you’re in Govan, you can purchase a copy of the Quest.

Quest for the 13 Treasures of Govan & Glasgow is on sale at Govan Old Parish Church and Fairfield Heritage in Govan for £5. The graphic novel is professionally printed on a high-quality paper stock with a glossy cover.

The Quest is most suitable for reading ages 10+ but with support, younger readers can enjoy it also.

This autumn, Govan’s Hidden Histories will be distributing 500 free copies of the Quest for the 13 Treasures of Govan & Glasgow. Schools and groups* within the area will receive free copies and have the chance to participate in creative workshops; learning even more about the time that Kings & Queens ruled the Kingdom of Strathclyde from Govan & Partick. (We hosted workshops for our Govan Trumps cards previously – check it out).

So – are you ready to uncover the 13 lost treasures? Get yourself a copy and get started… we wish you the very best of luck in your adventure!

To find out more about the inspiration, creators, and genuinely magical help and guidance that made the Quest possible check out the Frequently asked QUESTions post here.

*If you know of a group which would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about ancient Govan & Glasgow through this fun and factual comic book, then please get in touch!

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