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Postcards on ‘Entertaining Govan’


We’ve created a set of 12 postcards to celebrate Govan’s rich entertainment history!

The Greetings fae Govan postcards feature the old Lyceum cinema, the mighty Pearce Institute, Elder Park Library, the Govan Fair, and more… The images are a combination of old and new, and each has information and quotes from local experts on the back.

The postcards complement a new audio walking tour which highlights spaces – past and present – where Govanites have spent their leisure time.

Find out more below…

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Both the Greetings fae Govan postcards and the Entertaining Govan Audio Walking Tour highlight places like the Lyceum cinema, the Elder Park Library, and Fairfield Shipyard (now a heritage centre), linking them to displays in the Riverside Museum. Each card has a quote from the audio tour, where Govanites share hilarious memories of ‘gon tae the dancin’, ‘the pictures’, and even heckling at political meetings…

For more on the Entertaining Govan Audio Walking Tour check out its dedicated page.

How to get yer own Greetings fae Govan postcards:


–> You can download them here

–> You can also view them below, or directly via issuu here

And from 1 Aug 2015, we’ve printed 500 sets of postcards which we’re giving away at events in and around Govan – check our home page for details!

(For past events see our posts on 1 Aug Elder Park Fun Day and Doors Open Day).

So what’s with the whole ‘Entertaining Govan’ thing? Good question…

These postcards and the audio tour were both developed after a year of looking at Govan’s original ‘heritage trail’. An amazing team of Govanites and Glasgow Museums staff researched Govan’s hidden histories (including entertainment, but also shipbuilding, ancient Govan, and famous folk (or ‘Characters of Govan’). The team proposed a series of themed walks, talks and games – which have continued to bear fruit. You can read more about the team and chart their process through these posts here.


Thanks to members of the Govan Reminiscence Group, Jack Sweeney, Maria Leahy, Chani Bond, Zeynep Arman, Alice Gordon, Peter Saintmartin, George Rowntree, and our partners and funders.

Postcards were designed by Zeynep Arman© Govan’s Hidden Histories & tsBeall 2015, images copyright as noted & used with permission.

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