Govan's Hidden Histories

Ongoing creative projects about Govan's hidden histories Celebrating Govan's heritage, women's roles in protest movements, and the life and work of Isabella Elder


Govan’s hidden histories is a complex web of projects, ideas, and actions (more on this via our About page).

As a creative project, it is built on a foundation of reciprocal, collaborative development – sometimes referred to as socially engaged practice – and would never have gotten off the ground without the commitment and involvement of key partner organisations. These organisations sent staff to our team meetings, acted as consultants as we were developing our ideas and producing the bumph, and were patient with our millions of questions. In many ways, this blog attempts to chart some of those relationships – and inevitably fails to accurately reflect the incredible commitment and passion these following organisations have for Govan, and its mighty histories.

We are indebted to them, and to say thanks feels – well – really unsatisfactory… but a BIG WHOOP and THANKS to these folks, who literally fuelled the engine and provided much of the heart to make any of it happen.

Partner organisations

GalGael Trust, Govan Workspace, Govan Stones, Govan Fair Committee, Friends of Elder Park, Plantation Productions, Northlight Heritage, The Fairground Community Group, and the Riverside Museum, part of Glasgow Museums.  Additionally, the Glasgow Women’s Library partnered with the Women’s Histories and Protest (WHP) team to help with their research.

Govan Workspace and Fairfield Heritage are key partners for our delivery of Govan Trumps workshops to schools and youth groups (from Jan-March 2015).

Thanks also to the Govan Reminiscence Group for sharing their wisdom and being patient with our many questions, historian and author Tim Clarkson for his keen nominations of ancient characters of Govan, and for acting as our consultant on the Quest for the 13 Treasures and all things Dark-Age Govan, and to project ninja Chani Bond, for keeping it all together. Thanks also to members of Bead n’ Blether and artist Geraldine Greene for their inspiring contributions to the WHP team’s guided walk and public art event, Strong Women o’ Govan, November 2013.

[this post written by tsBeall]

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