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Introducing the ‘Govan Trumps’ playing cards!


Govan Trumps is a deck of 53 playing cards featuring famous folk, strange public art, and the odd building from mighty Govan.

Govan’s Hidden Histories is proud to present this a fun way to learn about and celebrate some of the famous folk fae Govan. We’ve used the classic ‘Trumps’ card game to pit characters of Govan against each other in a variety of categories. Who is more gallus, Mary Barbour or Sir Alex Ferguson? Who is older, the Govan Cat or the Govan Baby? Play and find out!

So – how can you get some Govan Trumps of your own? See below / scroll down…

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How to get your own GOVAN TRUMPS cards:

–> You can download our wee booklet here

–> You can view it online below, or direct via issuu here   

Our free downloadable booklet has images of all 53 cards, a HOW TO PLAY card, and templates so you can create your own Govan Trumps!*

–> If you’re in Govan, you can purchase a deck of cards

Govan Trumps are on sale at Fairfield Heritage and GalGael in Govan for £10. These are high-quality, bespoke, printed playing cards which feel ‘real’, with a bespoke printed box.**

The Govan Trumps cards are designed for young people from 9-13 years of age – or those young at heart. We hope you find them both funny and informative, and that they lead you to discover more about Govan’s mighty and hidden histories!

Still want more info?!

For updates on Govan Trumps see these recent posts. For more on how Govan Trumps were developed, check out this post on the Launch of the Govan Trumps from December 2014, or this one which first announced their arrival.

So far, we’ve distributed 250 decks to folks in and around Govan – more on that here. In Jan – March 2015 we delivered 10 workshops to young people in Govan schools and youth groups. You can read more about our Govan Trumps Workshops at Plantation Productions and at Govan Youth information Point via these blog posts.

If you are interested in trying out any of the activities yourself within schools or youth groups then check out the  govan trumps resource pack



* In developing the Govan Trumps, our team had so many nominations that it was incredibly difficult to decide who to include – so much so that we’ll be issuing BONUS CARDS in 2015 for some of the Characters of Govan that were missed out!

** For more detailed breakdown on pricing and how we distributed our first print run of 250 decks see notes at bottom of this post.

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