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Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail – ABOUT

photo by J. Irwin

some members of the ‘Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail’ project team outside of BAE systems. Photo by J. Irwin

Please read the general ABOUT page first, to get a sense of the whole site.

Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail

A creative project which seeks to celebrate and highlight Govan’s hidden histories, linking them to the new Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel through a series of events, activities, and alternative heritage trails…

In partnership with The Riverside MuseumNorthlight HeritageGovan Workspace, Govan StonesThe Govan Fair CommitteeGalGael TrustFriends of Elder Park, and The Fairground Community Group. In consultation with the Govan Reminiscence Group and conversations with the Portal Seniors Film Club.

This project is designed to highlight some of the important histories in Govan, and to celebrate these histories by creating a series of events and tours that ‘re-imagine’ the existing Govan Heritage Trail. The project aims to increase the connections between the Riverside Museum with its new home in Govan by creating an opportunity for local communities and organisations to work collaboratively with museum staff to gather research and develop activities.

Specifically, the project aims to create connections between the Riverside Museum and local folks in Govan by developing new engagement strategies (i.e. how can we work together as equals) and by creating actual activities or pathways in the form of guided tours, walking trails, and/or events. These pathways will physically connect the Riverside Museum to Govan, and will be designed in collaboration with Govanites. In the first phase of the project, these pathways will be live events, talks, and guided or self-led tours, but with an aim to develop more permanent physical infrastructure (markers/walkways) in future.

Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail will look specifically at the current Govan Heritage Trail (which includes Govan Old Church, the Govan Graving Docks, Fairfield Shipyard, Elder Park, and 24 other sites), visiting many of these places and imagining possible ways to create ‘pathways’ that illuminate some of this hidden history in a more engaging way than traditional heritage trails. The team will look at geocaching, digital applications (for future development), and will re-imagine different pathways and ways of experiencing the Govan Heritage trail (gaming, cycling, etc). There will also be a focus on experiencing the landscape through walking, re-imagining place through different perspectives and voices, and being ‘mis-guided’ on alternative Govan tours devised through local expertise. This strand will involve working with larger community groups (in ‘trail trials’) as well as working collaboratively within the core team. Precise ‘outputs’ will be decided by the Team, with advice taken from local organisations and folk in Govan. The goal for this project is to create alternative pathways (tours, trails, games, plans for future digital applications) that reveal and celebrate the varied history of Govan, and its connection to the North side of the Clyde and The Riverside Museum.

At the core of this project is a team of individuals who will work collaboratively to research and create alternative heritage trails or pathways. This team will include staff from the Riverside Museum, Glasgow Museums, The GalGael Trust, Northlight Heritage, Govan Stones, volunteers from Govan Fair Committee, Fairground Community Group, Friends of Elder Park, local Govanites, and artist/researcher tara s Beall.

The Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail Team is: Caroline Austin, Colin Quigley, Frazer Capie, Ingrid Shearer, Janice Hamilton, Jennifer Keenan, Jimmy Stringfellow, John Irwin, Lucy Armitage, Maria Leahy, Rachel Lees, Sandy Black, Tom Donnelly, Trish Caird, and is led by tara s Beall.

Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail is initiated by artist and researcher tara s Beall as part of a practice-based Collaborative Doctoral Award with the University of Glasgow and the Riverside Museum, which aims to develop new strategies for visitor engagement using creative events and activities. This project is part of tara’s research – which is studying how museums can work with communities as equal partners. Participation is by invitation.

To find out more about the project you ca contact us on 07936482475 or email govanriverside1 (at) gmail . com 

2 comments on “Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail – ABOUT

  1. Scott Gray
    September 18, 2013

    Hi there,

    I am the editor of the publication due to be launched in October called Govan Life. This will be a community-based magazine that will be delivered free to 8,000 homes in and around Govan.

    I would love the opportunity to have a chat regarding your website and any events you have coming up. Also, I’d love to hear more about the Heritage Trail which I think is a fantastic idea.

    Hopefully we can chat soon.

    My details are below. Please feel free to contact me whenever you can to discuss.

    Kind Regards

    Scott Gray

    • George Rountree
      June 25, 2014

      This is all very interesting. I prefer to communicate by e-mail so that I have a copy for future reference, as easier for me to remember. At the age of 83 I’m not good at finding my way around sites like this

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