Govan's Hidden Histories

Ongoing creative projects about Govan's hidden histories Celebrating Govan's heritage, women's roles in protest movements, and the life and work of Isabella Elder


Govan’s hidden histories is a complex web of hearts and minds, and would not be possible without the commitment and involvement of key partner organisations, and without the generous support of our funders. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make it possible!

Please see below (scroll down) for more detail…

Our Funders

Phase 1: April-Dec 2013

Funding for the development of this collaborative practice-based research project (Phase 1, April 2013-Dec 2013) was via Glasgow Museums and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, based in the University of Glasgow, Theatre Studies. This included all the team meetings, development of great ideas, as well as the guided walks hosted in November 2013.

Phase 2: Jan 2014-present

Funding for the production of Govan Trumps, Entertaining Govan Audio Walking Tour, Greetings fae Govan postcards, and the Quest for the 13 Treasures of Ancient Govan graphic novel (Phase 2, 2014/15) was provided by Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative using funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Glasgow City Council. Additional funds provided by Glasgow Housing Association, GCC Area Committee, and the NHS.

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