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Ongoing creative projects about Govan's hidden histories Celebrating Govan's heritage, women's roles in protest movements, and the life and work of Isabella Elder

About this site

In short – it’s complicated.

This site began with three creative, socially engaged projects in 2013 – all interwoven but distinct. They shared lead artists, partners, and core content – which was one of the reasons we decided to present them together here. The projects aimed to creatively highlight some of Govan’s incredible histories, and those involved in both creating and remembering them.

Please also see our pages on Partners and Funders.

More information on the projects and the creative stuff they’ve produced is available as part of each project’s description:

Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail – ongoing

Women’s Histories and Protests on the Clyde – ongoing

Isabella Elder : Great & Good – from 2013 – link to all project events & activities

The Great & Good: Isabella Elder project was completed in 2013 and featured work by AJ Stockwell, LA Callery, and Monica Brown, detailed in the Great & Good publication, launched in April 2014.

The other two projects, Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail and Women’s Histories and Protests on the Clyde, produced events in 2013 as planned and as part of doctoral research work with University of Glasgow and the Riverside Museum, but have also continued to develop and bear fruit since. This site is therefore an incomplete charting of that journey of creative actions and enthusiasm, and how some of those ideas have continued to develop via publications, research, events, and more…

These current projects are led by artist and doctoral researcher t s Beall, developed and driven by a number of amazing creative folks working with many partners, team members, and funders. The two projects that tsB led from 2013, Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail and Women’s Histories and Protests on the Clyde, have both produced proposals for ‘alternative’ heritage trails, walks, and games. These include Govan Trumps, a playing card game for young people that features ‘famous folk fae Govan, strange public sculptures, and the odd building…’

As it’s all a bit complicated, we’ve started referring to the two current project strands as the Govan’s hidden histories project, combined.


[this post was written by t s Beall, last updated March 2015]

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