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‘Govan’s Hidden Histories’ and ‘Strong Women of Clydeside’ projects featured in Govan / Gdansk exchange conference

We’re super-chuffed that the work of the Strong Women of the Clydeside (SWaC) team is featured as a part of an international conference taking place this weekend, right here in Govan at the Riverside Museum. Many of the SWaC team are attending – particularly to hear from a similar project that hails all the way from Gdansk, Poland: Metropolitanka.

The creative folks involved with the Metropolitanka project have been looking into the role of women in the Solidarity Movement (1980s) – which began in August 1980 when the Lenin Shipyard fired a shipyard worker and free trade union activist named Anna Walentynowicz. The firing of Anna Walentynowicz was the event which ignited the strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, setting off a wave of strikes across Poland. In the same year, the Solidarity movement led by Lech Walesa was established in the same shipyard as the first independent trade union in the then Soviet Block. It’s an amazing history, and we look forward to hearing more about it!

In addition to the folks from Metropolitanka, there are presentations on intangible cultural heritage, on creative activities in Croatia and Sweden, from artists in Govan / Glasgow and across the UK, and thoughts on ‘best practice’ regarding participation and engagement.

Check back here for more information – and we’ll post some links to recordings of presentations in a few weeks, when they become available!

International Conference on participation, engagement, and best practice in urban planning: 20-21 January, The Riverside Museum

Top down meets bottom up in post-industrial regeneration: Good practice and challenges in participatory approaches to community engagement in city planning International Conference organized by the University of the West of Scotland, School of Media, Culture and Society, in association with RSE-funded Interdisciplinary and Cross-Institutional Research Network Regeneration and Waterfront Heritage Zones in Northern Europe […]

via International Conference 20-21 January 2017, Riverside Museum, Glasgow — Regeneration and Waterfront Heritage Research Network

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