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Ongoing creative projects about Govan's hidden histories Celebrating Govan's heritage, women's roles in protest movements, and the life and work of Isabella Elder

‘Strong Women of Clydeside’ for Doors Open Days: Join us for a guided walk & public art action on Saturday 17th Sept, 12.30- 3.30pm

Celebrating women’s roles in the 1915 Rent Strikes, the 1971 Upper Clyde Shipbuilder’s Work-In, and other recent protests – this guided walk and creative ‘happening’ employs humour, (temporary) graffiti, banners, and more! 

For Doors Open Day, a team of creative folks from Govan’s Hidden Histories (the ‘SWaC team’) are hosting a special walking event connecting Govan and the Riverside Museum. Learn about Mary Barbour, Helen Crawfurd, and others – in their own words.You’ll take part in a series of moments commemorating some of their achievements, with singing, shouting, and good fun. History has mostly sold them short. Join us for a wee walk, as we share stories from some Strong Women of the Clydeside.


During our last walking event on 15.08.15, Alice walked us through a chalk timeline of women’s actions from 1900-present

Strong Women of Clydeside – Protests and Suffragettes

A guided walk and public art action led by t s Beall and the SWaC team, part of Govan’s Hidden Histories

–Event Details–

Sat 17 Sept 2016, 12:30-3:30pm

Free – advance booking may be required –> see below

Our walk begins at the Riverside Museum and travels to Govan by free ferry, stopping at sites important to the 1915 Rent Strikes, the 1971 UCS Work-In, and more recent protest movements. We will end in Govan near the new Fairfield Heritage Centre, and participants will be directed back to the Riverside Museum / Govan Ferry / Govan Underground as requested.

–How to join us–

12:30pm start, Riverside Museum – please advance book with Doors Open Day: A limited number of people (20) can join us at 12:30pm sharp just outside the main entrance of the museum, as we look at two displays before travelling over the river to Govan on the free ferry. Spaces for this portion of our walk are limited by ferry capacity, but more can join us later – see below.

1:15pm, Govan Ferry pontoon – no booking required: If we are fully booked for our start at the museum, please join us at 1:15pm in front of the Govan Ferry pontoon (near Govan Cross and Govan Underground). Our walk continues along Govan Road and ending at approximately 3:30pm at Fairfield Heritage (see our map below and online for a rough sense of our route).

-> How to book your place for 12:30pm start at Riverside Museum, and ferry to Govan: Bookings are being taken by Doors Open Day via Eventbrite – here. You can also call 0141 554 4411 to reserve a place.

We look forward to seeing you!

– – – – — – – – – – – – – —  – – – – – – – – – – – – – —

More info on the walk/event

You will hear the stories of important Clydesiders as we walk the streets where they lived and worked. We use the Occupy Movement’s ‘human megaphone’ to quote Govan activists, including veterans of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilder’s Work-In, as we march with banners, employ (temporary) graffiti to rename streets, and visit locations including the tenement building where Mary Barbour lived during the Rent Strikes.

You will be led by a creative team of Govanites and interested others who have been researching these histories as part of Govan’s Hidden Histories, led by t s Beall, an artist based in Govan. This is an event as much as a guided walk.

Our SWaC walk will start at the Riverside Museum and travel to Govan by free ferry, ending at Fairfeild Heritage on Govan Road

Our SWaC walk will start at the Riverside Museum and travel to Govan by free ferry, ending at Fairfeild Heritage on Govan Road

A bit of background…

The Strong Women of Clydeside (SWaC) team originally met from April – November 2013 as part of a larger practice-based research project initiated by t s Beall working with the Riverside Museum, based at the University of Glasgow, Theatre Studies (more on that here). The team published a wee zine April 2014 which outlined the route from our first walk, and shared some of our journey. (You can see more about the project via the links above and here for more on our team meetings and initial research).

The current iteration of the SWaC team includes some new members, as others who have been involved in the project since 2013. Team members leading the walk on 17 September will be Alice Gordon, Chani Bond, Elaine Addington, Ian McCracken, Lydia Levett, Max White, Tam McGarvey, Trish Caird, and tsBeall. We’ll also have some very special surprise guests on the day!


To Glasgow Women’s Library for encouraging us to gather and re-imagine our Strong Women of Govan walk from 2013, and to The Riverside Museum for supporting our work in 2013 and 2015.

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