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Let the TRUMPets blow – Get yer GOVAN TRUMPS cards!

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It’s just over a year since the Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail team launched the idea for a trumps-style card game celebrating famous folk fae Govan. The deck of 53 playing cards feature famous people, public sculptures, and the odd building… and are full of both fun facts and silly stories. A team of Govanites and Glasgow Museums staff spent a long time on the design and over a year developing the text for each Character of Govan Trumps Card – and we’re pretty chuffed with how they’ve turned out! (For more background on how the cards were developed, see below *)

How to get your own GOVAN TRUMPS:

–> You can download our wee publication here

and view it online via Issuu at the bottom of this post and here

Our free downloadable booklet has images of each of the 53 cards, a HOW TO PLAY card, and templates so you can create your own Characters of Govan Trumps cards! (Our team had so many nominations that it was incredibly difficult to decide which Characters to include – so much so that we will be issuing BONUS CARDS in 2015 for some of the Characters that we couldn’t include in the deck!).

–> If you’re in Govan, you can purchase a deck of cards

Govan Trumps are on sale now at Fairfield Heritage and GalGael in Govan for £10. These are high-quality, bespoke, printed playing cards which feel ‘real’, with a bespoke printed box.**

YES they have arrived – the GOVAN TRUMPS playing cards!

YES they have arrived – the GOVAN TRUMPS playing cards!

The Govan Trumps cards are designed for young people from 9-13 years of age – or those young at heart. We hope you find them both funny and informative, and that they lead you to discover more about Govan’s mighty and hidden histories!

We aren’t able to sell them online right now, but it would be a great help to us to know if this is something that you folks online are interested in – please register your interest by commenting on this post. If there’s enough interest, we will try to sort this in late January/early Feb 2015.

But for now – check out our Govan Trumps publication here, get to downloading, sharing, and discovering more about Govan…

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* Over 9 months in 2013, a team of Govanites and Glasgow Museum staff walked, talked, and researched the existing Govan Heritage Trail. The team was tasked with ‘re-imagining’ the heritage trail, and in November 2013 they proposed a series of themed walks, tours, and games celebrating Govan’s many histories. There was a weekend of guided walks and an exhibition in the former LUV gallery on Govan Road.

** A word on pricing: Look, we’d really, really like to give them out for free to everyone who wants a deck (at least locally). We received funding which allowed us to print and distribute 250 decks of cards in Govan, and which covered most of the production costs. We gave 70 decks out at the ‘Govan Loves Christmas’ Lights Switch-On event, and around 125 decks to our partner organisations and those who donated time or images to the project. The remaining 55 decks will be given to schools and youth groups in Govan in the new year.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of 1 deck of cards: £6 goes to the printing company (we worked hard to find a high-quality printing option), £1 goes to the venue (Fairfield or GalGael), and £3 goes back into the project to cover costs of production. We realise that £10 isn’t cheap, and that is one reason we have made the whole deck available as a free download here.

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